My top three blogs

Isabella Plautz Accounting
I like Isabella’s blog and her company is of interest to me. The telecommunications industry speaks to almost all people no matter who you are or where you are from. Her company is China mobile which I learnt from reading her blog and draft it is the largest mobile network in the world and employs over 460,000 and provides a network service to 849 million customers!
I find Isabella’s blog well put together and easy to navigate.
Eliza123 blog
To me Eliza’s blog appears to be put together by that student who knows exactly what they are talking about and she appears to be someone who would breeze through the accounting unit. I find Eliza is very active on her blog and others blogs, and she appears to have taken the assignment in her stride. The vision of her blog makes me want to go on a tropical holiday. The theme of her blog suits her company Thai airways to a Tee.
Rebekah Sleep Seeing beyond the num8ers
I can relate to Rebekah on a personal level, we are the same age, in our first year of university study at CQU and are mothers of very small children juggling studying at the same time. Trying to squeeze in study time between babies’ schedules is something she talks about in her blog and is very relatable to myself. She was also the first (that I am aware of) to discuss the outcome of our first assignment step one, on her blog. Reading her blog and others comments with assignment one gradings helped me with what to prepare for the next few steps. I look forward to reading more from Rebekah.


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